Hospice Sales Tips

Posted by Mike Ferris on Friday, February 06, 2009 and posted in Hospice Sales

This week’s hospice sales tips are in regard to building strong relationships with skilled facilities (SNFs) and assisted living facilities (ALFs).  By maintaining very strong relationships with these facilities in your service area you will grow a predictable hospice patient census.  Here are the keys to growing these important referral sources:

  • Assign a facility specialist to cover the sales and communication with each of the facilities you serve.  Have them ask what will make you the preferred hospice in the facility.  Then earn their business EVERY day by delivering the solutions to fit their needs.
  • Work closely with your home health division (or an agency you partner with if you don’t have a home health division) to provide a comprehensive solution for the discharge planners, social workers and clinicians at the facility.
  • Be visible in the facility.  ALL of your staff should be visible and should maximize your exposure in the facility.  Many times this will drive the referrals.  The sales person should be in the facility as often as is required to meet their needs and check up on how things are going.  This could mean 3 times a week or even daily visits.

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