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Posted by Mike Ferris on Friday, March 25, 2011 and posted in Home Health Care Hospice Sales

Testimonials from Square One Boot Camp Participants

“A great way for marketing and sales people to learn to effectively locate, increase, and retain referring partners. I highly recommend it for any agency that is serious about marketing and sales.” - Brett Cooper - Access Home Care and Hospice

“This was very helpful and informative. Whether it was crafting a better introduction, overcoming objections, or account prioritization, all material will enable me to be more successful” - Steven Miller - Family Care Certified Services

“I have been to other trainings before and this one stood out above the rest! The trainers are excellent and very personable. I never felt that I could not ask a question or get advice. I can’t wait for the advanced boot camp!” - Cara Stone - J and J Home Care Inc.

“I wasn’t sure what to really expect, but Square One Boot Camp exceeded all of my expectations. The support and compassion given to us was fabulous. Their purpose of helping others shined a light onto our lives. Thank you!! I really learned how to do my job better by the valuable information given to us - and I have been doing “marketing” for over 10 years!” - Lisa Castillo - Community Hospice of Victor Valley

“Before coming to Simione’s boot camp I had very little experience and training, therefore it was very helpful to me. I will definitely be using everything I have learned this week in becoming a successful in my marketing career in hospice” - Breanna Fleming - ABC Hospice

“This has been the most wonderful educational opportunity I have ever been in” - Gloria Alleman, RN - Hospice of the Rapidan

“This conference has enabled me to see my job and purpose in a new way. I feel empowered to have productive conversations with referral sources, leading to a greater number of individuals that will benefit from home care and hospice services” -Jessica Crisp - Hospice of Randolph County

“Great boot camp for rookies and even for those of us that have been in the arena for awhile. I feel re-energized & others in the group felt the same way and found new added tools to utilize to become experts in their areas and increase those referrals” - Tina Thomas - VNA and Hospice of Southern California

“This has been such a positive experience! So very beneficial. I truly feel I’m ready to hit the streets - prepared and more confident” - Sara Daehler - Advantage Skilled Care

“After attending Mike Ferris’ (always well-attended) NAHC presentations, participating in his Boot Camp took the selling process to the next level. I would recommend it to all Healthcare sales reps, as well as their managers. If you want to increase your admissions, this is a MUST!”
- Amy Youngblood

“Boot Camp was an excellent experience. I learned a lot about asking appropriate questions to the appropriate person, how to ask for a referral without being ‘aggressive’. I learned you need to show your referral source the benefit of why you are there; you are there for them, to help them, to help their patients. I don’t feel like I have to be sorry for ‘bothering’ someone - for being a sales rep - after this class. I’m here to help.”
~ Laurie Kirwin, LivinRite Home Health Services

“Square One Boot Camp has provided me a great opportunity to learn skills and strategies that will definitely help me better communicate with my referral sources to meet their needs . . . which, of course, is exactly why I was here!
~ Kathy Rubinstein, Danbury Visiting Nurse Association

“This was the best training I have received outside of my company. Well worth my time and money. Thank you. I can’t wait to use your advice in the field.”
~ Lacey Fincher, Life Touch Hospice

“Boot Camp was great. Hospice is a different animal from other sales. I now have a roadmap to help navigate my accounts.”
~ Rick Lee, Four Seasons Compassion for Life

“I learned new approaches to handle objections and how to qualify and determine the needs of my accounts.”
~ Lisa Kopfensteiner, Avow Hospice

“Wow! I don’t even know where to start. This is an excellent training program. It helped me become more confident in my position and gave me the tools to be successful in gaining referrals. Worth every penny! Keep up the great work.”
~ Angela Matteson, Hospice & Palliative Care of Washington County

“Loved it! I learned skills I can immediately put into action and feel confident I can get referrals from a doctor that hates hospice. If I can feel confident going to see him, I can do anybody!”
~ Liz Fischer, Hospice & Palliative Care of Washington County

“I have been to several sales training courses throughout my career, but have never been more impressed with presentation of the material. To interject personality into the sales training actually brought it to life and the trainers had no trouble holding our attention by doing so. Best sales training I have experienced.”
~ David Crow, Four Seasons Compassion for Life

“Being new in the home care field, this was a great class to get me ready and excited. Thank you for the direction and passion!”
~ Pam Chambers, CMK Home Care

“I can’t remember the last time I attended a workshop that I wasn’t looking at my watch every few minutes! This was fantastic. I’m a nurse. I have never been involved in sales. This provided the tools that I need to launch my approach in my community.”
~ Michele Parisi, CMK Home Care

“Having been to other trainings, I can honestly say this was great! Actually being shown and told what to do is so much more beneficial than someone only telling you. The interaction is the absolute key!”
~ Jerica Bounds, Kare-in-Home Health Services, Inc.

“Very useful field approaches and account organization were subjects that aren’t your typical training subjects so it’s refreshing to actually attend training that applies to our day-to-day work activity.”
~ Vicky (Jody) Daugherty, Avalon Hospice

“This is the first training that I felt like I can use the information and apply it in everyday situations. I think it will produce for me and my company.”
~ Kari Most, Avalon Hospice

“I am a nurse with absolutely NO marketing experience. I love that Simione has given me a game plan so that I’m not just ‘winging it.’ You are very supportive, down to earth, and you actually teach about things I would find in the ‘real world.’ Thank you so much for giving me the confidence that I CAN do it and be productive!”
~ January Menees, Regency Hospice

“Square One Boot Camp provided key skills to maximize the time you have in front of referral sources in order to increase referrals. As much as I dreaded role play, I learned a lot about my style and area of improvement.”
~ Stephanie Salvatore, Regency Hospice

“Within the last 5 years, I have attended 3 different sales training. This experience with Square One Boot Camp has been the best! I felt that the trainers understood the reality of marketing/sales of hospice and were able to give me feedback that made sense and I could put into my own words.”
~ Melissa Ortiz, Regency Hospice

“Square One Boot Camp will help you build your confidence when selling your agency and provide you with the tools needed to make successful calls.”
~ Kathy Watkins, Liberty Home Care and Hospice

“I truly enjoyed this seminar. I learned many new techniques and am excited to be able to use my ‘new found’ skills. Great opportunity to have a hands-on approach for face-to-face meetings.”
~ Julie Jackson, RN, Liberty Home Care and Hospice

“I thoroughly enjoyed attending Square One Boot Camp. The industry-specific sales techniques and training will be easy to incorporate into my sales calls. The trainers give specific coaching and ideas for improvement that are relevant no matter what your level of experience in hospice.”
~ Scott Combs, Heart’s Way Hospice of Northeast Texas

“I thoroughly enjoyed Square One Boot Camp. I didn’t want to leave the room even for a bathroom break! I was afraid I might miss something.”
~ Julie Avalos, VNA & Hospice of Southern California

“I was so nervous to do video role play. By the end of the Boot Camp, I wanted to do more! I truly enjoyed learning the 9-Part Home Care and Hospice Formula for Success.”
~ Kelly Sautel, VNA & Hospice of Southern California

“This Boot Camp has been most beneficial in helping me overcome objections that my accounts throw out and giving me a purpose-driven plan for each call.”
~ Josie Taylor, RN, Guardian Angel Hospice, Inc.

“This was a great sales training. Before I attended this training as an RN with no sales training, I felt very awkward making sales calls. Now I feel very comfortable and confident and feel that I can meet any challenge that I may face.”
~ Amma Tyler, RN, Liberty Home Care and Hospice

“When I came to Boot Camp, I thought I knew how to do my job well. This opened my eyes to the fact that I know very little about my accounts. The knowledge I am taking with me will create a success I have never experienced. Thank you, Boot Camp.”
~ Jennifer Williams, Guardian Angel Hospice

“What a great way to jumpstart my sales career. I feel empowered and eager to implement my new skills. This has helped me learn a systematic way of developing a new territory.”
~ Anonymous

“I’d heard about the ‘painful’ videos in front of my peers and still don’t know how I got through the first one, but once I realized how each one of us were able to endure and learn from the experience I almost would recommend it to everyone in marketing. I sincerely hope my competitors never hear about this program!”
~ Anonymous

“I wish my company would have arranged for me to come to Boot Camp sooner.  I’ve learned an enormous amount of information that I can use in my professional sales career and qualities that I can use in my personal life as well.  It has opened a door for me as a Hospice rep that I did not think was possible!”
~ Sarah Schutz, Louisiana Hospice & Palliative Care

“I am so blessed to be part of this training.  As a clinician without previous formal sales training, this training provided me with the confidence and new skills to do the job I’m now excited to do!”
~ Pam Gertig, Hospice of Northeastern Illinois

“I strongly recommend this Boot Camp to future attendees.  I personally am going home with a strong and clear view of how to promote myself and my agency.”
~ Cody Benton, TruCare Home Health

“This has been incredibly helpful and will definitely be put to use as I move forward.  Being new to marketing, most of the techniques were new to me.  I have identified many techniques I will change that I’ve been doing.”
~ Anonymous Note

“Square One Boot Camp gave me the tools I need to become successful as a marketing coordinator for my agency, as well as a valuable partner to my referral sources.”
~ Ruth Quillen, Advantage Skilled Care, LLC

“I feel like I have learned so much at this Boot Camp.  The people here have taught me more in the past three days.  Thank you guys so much!”
~ Raleigh May, Patient’s Choice Hospice

“I have been to other sales training and coaching trainings but this one by far was the best learning experience from true professionals in the health care field.”
~ Anonymous Note

“I learned so much!  Everything I was doing previously was wrong and I was afraid to ask for referrals, fearing rejection.  Now with the tools I’ve learned here, I no longer am afraid to ask!”
~ Vanessa Mizak, Liberty Home Care

“I had a great deal of anxiety knowing that I was going to have to role play.  However, we were coached through it so well that it was much easier to do by the time we had to.  I wish I had Boot Camp when I first started!”
~ Lori Caldwell, University of Tennessee Hospice Services

“Having been in hospice for six months without any formal training, this was an eye opener.  I now feel more comfortable and feel I’m better prepared for all aspects of the hospice referral process.”
~ Richard Benton, Premier Hospice, LLC

“Very productive - excellent information!!  All the sessions were useful, practical and helpful.  I didn’t feel like we were ever ‘wasting’ time.  I leave knowing that I can apply what I’ve learned in the field and get results!”
~ Lisa Bailey, Angels of the Valley Hospice

“I’m very excited about implementing the new strategies I’ve learned.”
~ Lillian Cuevas, Avow Hospice

“I learned so much. I am so excited to go back and apply what I have learned in my territory. I feel like I have so many more tools in my bag of tricks now that I did not have before Square One Boot Camp.”
~ Christa Rhodes, Liberty Home Care and Hospice

“Before I came to this class, I only looked at the little picture. Now, after taking the class I look at the expanded big picture of marketing. This allowed me to help me better understand how to market our hospice service. Now I will have a plan to be more productive every day.”
~ Anonymous Note

“I have really enjoyed my experience at Boot Camp. I feel that the topics covered in this workshop are vital to a successful hospice sales team. I hope each member of my team can experience this program and enjoy it as much as I have.”
~ Stephanie Cygan, Delaware Hospice

“The Boot Camp was great!  There are many wonderful techniques that were taught which can be implemented easily.”
~ Tina Gentry, Four Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care

“Simione;s Boot Camp is great! The trainers are wonderful, and I’ve learned so much that I know I will integrate into many aspects of my daily life.”
~ Carol Mitch, VNA of Western Pennsylvania

“This is a great course and boosts confidence. Very informative. I would recommend for all sales staff. Want our intake staff to go to the admission camp.”
~ Kim Henigan, Heart’s Way Hospice of Northeast Texas

“Awesome, usable material. Professional, accomplished, entertaining trainers. A true willingness for each attendee to succeed.”
~ Teresa Miller, Excell Home Care & Hospice

“Great information to use when asking qualifying questions. Appreciated presenters being ‘very honest’ during video role play.”
~ Stephanie Chavis, Liberty Home Care and Hospice

“The whole experience was very comfortable.  What may have been a dread to some, turned out to be a complete growing experience for me.  Our small group size (we had 6 people) seemed to help in how we were able to talk to one another and not feel intimidated by one another.  Our group was just different enough in that we all could learn from one another.  Our instructors were the ‘bomb.’ They were a perfect fit for us.  Each one had their own style and was so polished. This workshop was like visiting the 360° mirror in the show ‘What Not to Wear.’ I was able to get a good look at who I am and how I can be the best at what I do.  The instructors were coaching us not only to be good sales people, but more than that, how we can take our own ‘good stuff’ and make it better.  They taught me a whole new way to believe in me.”
~ Cindy Dunlap, Liberty Home Care

“I was apprehensive about an educational seminar that was called ‘Boot Camp’ but I am ecstatic about what I have learned and feel I have new ‘tools’ to utilize in my role as a marketing rep. Truly the best conference and the most useful tools to use in my job.”
~ Rennae Bell, Visiting Nurse Service of Greater Rhode Island

“This program is great for anyone that is going to be involved in the marketing or sales function at their organization.  The fact that it is focused on home care and hospice is unique and extremely beneficial.  I came knowing very little and left a lean, mean, home care marketing machine.”
~ Daniel Gouveia, Visiting Nurse Service of Greater Rhode Island

“One of the best sales training classes I have attended.  Small class size is excellent for teaching and learning.  Instructors were very understanding and always there to help.  5+ stars!!”
~ Don Turney, Liberty Home Care

“Felt very good that the people training were very knowledgeable about the information.”
~ Elaine Rountree, Keystone Hospice

“Finally!  A practical and conceptual training geared specifically for me - a homecare and hospice account liaison.”
~ Kelly Krueger, ThedaCare at Home

“I have had prior sales experience, but this sales training was very beneficial because it showed me how to specifically market Hospice services.  I have a better marketing plan and specific tools to be successful.”
~ Laura Pipito, The Community Hospice, Inc.

“Simione Consultants Square One Boot Camp has been extremely informative!  In the first 4 hours of the first day, I learned what I learned on the last day (out of 3 days) of my last training! They make it fun!  I can’t wait until Advanced Boot Camp to get my Masters!”
~ Carey Amshel, Alternative Home Care

“This is an amazing class with many aspects that are eye and mind opening!  This class was intimate, exciting, revealing and educational.  I enjoyed every moment of this class and the people who taught this class.”
~ Corinne Norris

“I graduated Boot Camp - yeah!  Kara, Pam, Mike and Ted were phenomenal.  I currently get at least 32 referrals a month by myself - my approach needs to change based on my . . . to AB account.  I am eager to apply my new knowledge and gain many more referrals.”
~ Jane Garcia-Deale, Allegiance Home Health and Rehab

“This has been the BEST professional training I have been a part of.  I am walking away with a feeling of empowerment that I know I have a workable plan using the tools and skills I have learned in Square One Boot Camp.  Mike Ferris, his instructors, and Square One Boot Camp are money well spent by my organization.”
~ Andrea Little Gray, Four Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care

“Although the video taping was very stressful for me, I can now see after it’s all over with the benefit of it.  I feel very supported by the trainers.  Would recommend this to everyone in sales.”
~ Carolyn Caldwell, Liberty Homecare

“I feel as though I will come away with new techniques and ideas for cold calls.  I also realized the importance of a clear introduction, and how I have failed to do that.”
~ Jonathan Locklear, Healthkeeperz

“I can’t wait to go out and use the things taught to the class.  I’m sure because of this class I will be very successful.”
~ Shauna Vollmer, Idaho Home Health & Hospice

“This has to be one of ‘or’ the best seminars in the country.  I came in here with only two months experience and now I feel that my gun has the bullets I need to be the top salesman in my area in home health care!  I am thankful!”
~ Oscar Hinajosa, NSCL Home Health

“I am new to home health and was very nervous about coming to this training.  I have to say now, three days later, that this was some of the best training I have ever been to.  I learned so much, learned an amazing amount from the role plays and cannot believe how wonderful and nice the trainers were.  Thank you!”
~ Stephanie Wenz, Midwest Home Health

“I would highly recommend Boot Camp as a foundation for new sales people.  Great fundamentals that would put them on the right path for success!”
~ Lessley Fontenot, LHC Group

“This was perfect for me.  Everyone in this business should go through this program.  Everyone was great and very easy going.  Thank you all very, very much!”
~ Don Clay, Blessed Trinity Home Health Care

“I have learned so much here.  As bad as I hate role playing it is so helpful.  It builds your confidence.  I will be able to apply this everyday.”
~ Keri Terry, Cape Fear Valley Hospice

“I really thought this class was very helpful and informative.  I believe in sales you need classes like this no matter if you have been in sales for years or brand new!”
~ Meagan Matt, Liberty Home Care and Hospice

“I’m really excited about all that I have learned at Square One Boot Camp.  I cannot wait to go back and apply what I have learned to working my territory.”
~ Lisa Dworkin, Healthkeeperz

“The information was presented in a refreshing format.  Even though Ive been in the hospice field for 24 years, I learned many valuable tools to use as a Regional Manager of Community Awareness.”
~ Marilyn Morenz, Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region

“I came into this position with no sales/marketing experience.  I did have the belief and passion for homecare and the nurses and therapist I work with.  I have so many new ideas to put into practice and I am anxious to start out ‘fresh’ in the morning.”
~ Linda Mize, Liberty Home Care and Hospice

“I am so impressed with this boot camp!  It is very educational and gives many ideas to bring into our market.”
~ Jane Phillips, Liberty Home Care and Hospice

“I have learned a lot in this training.  It has been an amazing experience.  The Territory Management Calendar training will change the way we do business.”
~ Jesus Garena, Caring Tree Home Health Care Services

“The Bootcamp was very educational.  The trainers were great and very personable.  I would recommend to anyone who has the opportunity to attend.”
~ Teresa Akins, ABC Hospice, Inc.

“Wow.  I cannot wait to start using my new marketing techniques and to actually start seeing the results.  This is a wonderful experience and so insightful; an eye opener.  Thanks so much for boosting my esteem!”
~ Melissa Jones, Hospice of Knox County

“This training is well designed and provides solid ideas and tips in order to improve sales.  It also encourages participation and practice, which is a great way to learn.  I would recommend this training to others in the hospice industry needing specific sales training.”
~ Laura Frazier, Gulfside Regional Hospice

“I had an open mind coming here - but I was doubtful it was going to be helpful.  I was pleasantly surprised what an exciting program we were able to participate in.  I only hope our agency will be receptive to what we have learned!”
~ Dara Burke, RN, Hope Hospice

“This training opportunity exceeded my expectations.  I now have the tools to support my organization and help to make it grow.  On a scale of 1-10, it was 10 plus for me.  I noted the program was beneficial to both novices and those who were more seasoned in sales.”
~ Julie Schnitter, Hope Hospice

“This has really been a great experience.  I can feel confident when entering any office or facility and know that I have the right questions to ‘show off’ our services and make our referral source know they are making the right choice.”
~ Dana Smith, Liberty Home Care and Hospice

“I am a veteran of healthcare sales and marketing with 20+ years of DME and Home Respiratory experience.  Simply stated, it’s refreshing to participate in a thoughtfully developed sales and training program that offers new techniques while sharpening old skills.  I would highly recommend Square One Bootcamp for the novice as well as the seasoned sales professional.”
~ Anthony Succo, Healthkeeperz

“Thanks to Mike Ferris and Pam Pistor, I will return to my service area with renewed confidence and enthusiasm with my professional marketing skills.  Thanks to Ted for our video presentations.”
~ Tina Hollowell, Southland Home Health of Shreveport, Inc.

“I strongly recommend this Bootcamp for anyone doing sales and marketing.  It is a good opportunity to learn how to market your product and benefit from the experience of the instructors and the other participants in the camp.”
~ Zana Willis, Liberty Home Care

“Being a seasoned marketing person, Bootcamp brought back to me the key concepts of marketing that are so vital to making successful sales calls.”
~ Jane Brown, Care First Home Health & Hospice

“Excellent conference - great, great tools to use in marketing - this has been the best training I think I have experienced.”
~ Vanessa Sweger, Hospice and Palliative Care of Alamance Caswell

“It was a very supportive learning experience that was beneficial for the new (like myself) and the very experienced.  It was very beneficial.”
~ Steven Stehman, Divine Providence Home Health Services

“I really appreciate all the knowledge you shared with us.  I feel it was presented in a way that I can put it to work immediately.  But I think the most important thing was you had first-hand knowledge and experience instead of a generic sales program.”
~ Beverly Anderson, Divine Providence Home Health Services

“After 38 years of being a nurse and attending multiple conferences, I’ve never attended a more personable, educational and meaningful conference as this one.  The material I received and the techniques I learned will make my job so much easier.  Thank the Lord for people like you guys.”
~ Judy Trummert, Good Samaritan Home Health and Hospice

“The one-on-one mentoring was exceptional.  On the first day I was feeling like a failure and questioning why I was doing this.  By the end of the Bootcamp I knew why I had been there - to strengthen myself and my role in life and how to continue on the road of success!”
~ Cathy Berk, Hospice at Home

“Great opportunity to learn and grow.  I will be able to use this information and feedback to my daily needs and growth, both professionally and personally.  Bless!”
~ Katharine Ward, Liberty Home Health and Hospice

“Mike, Pam and Laurie took time to break down practical tools to use each sales call with insight on how to implement.  The video role playing seems a little scary at first - yet it was a great tool.  Great course - practical tools to use everyday you’re out beating the streets!”
~ Megan Eubanks, Shepherd’s Care Hospice of Wagoner, LLC

“The trainers and Mike bring resolutions to real life marketplace issues.  Discussing the sales model and territory management has given me the foundation to make an impact.”
~ David Greene, Franciscan Hospice

“It’s a good experience, very educational and beneficial to me and the company I work with.  I have more confidence in myself right now than before given the different scenario that I know how to handle in the future.”
~ Riza Villasin, Divine Providence Home Health Services, Inc.

“I came to this class with an open mind to learn.  I feel more comfortable talking and asking questions than I did before.  I appreciate everything you did for me to learn.”
~ Crystal Evans, Liberty Home Care and Hospice

“This was an amazing class.  I feel like I have all the tools I need now to excel in my territory.”
~ Ashli Reeves, Excell Home Care & Hospice

“I learned so much from this seminar and I think I’ll feel more comfortable in dealing with prospects.  I also love the fact that I learned so much from others in the group.”
~ Summer Gordon, Excell Home Care & Hospice

“I am so excited to begin my new career!  Square One Bootcamp has given me invaluable tools and strategies to make my homecare agency #1 in our service area!  This program is awesome.”
~ Pam Smith, Advantage Skilled Care, LLC

“When I arrived I had lots of sales experience but did not know the industry.  After boot camp I now have a new confidence, because I now know who to call on, the right questions to ask and how to get the business.”
~ Stephen J. Stone, Black Stone Healthcare

“Square One Bootcamp really helped me get a great overview of selling in the Home Health Care industry.  The trainers used real life experiences and realistic situations that we will face out in the real world.  This was an awesome learning experience.”
~ Tom Hodge, Great Lakes Home Health and Hospice

“Great experience.  Now I’m prepared to sell!”
~ Scott Stasak, Great Lakes Home Health and Hospice

“I plan to take everything I’ve learned and put it into action when I get home.  I know that it will increase my referrals.”
~ Christine Daugherty, Lighthouse Healthcare

“Having no prior formal sales experience, I only focused on ‘how am I going to handle people’s objections.’ Until this training, I thought I would just give up on these accounts.  Now I’m confident I can handle almost every objection someone gives me.  What I am surprised about is it is not so bad to be someone’s second choice sometimes.  First choice may not be so far behind.”
~ Tiffany Owens, Lighthouse Healthcare

“I really enjoy input and training.  Everyone presents and trains differently and I think they had a lot of great ideas.  What a fun and educational experience.”
~ Renee Carstens, Great Lakes Home Health & Hospice

“Coming in to this Boot Camp, I was scared of getting up in front of people.  After the third role play, I saw a completely different person standing there.  I feel that I have more confidence which will help me as a new sales rep.”
~ Elizabeth Gray, Community Health

“Thank you all.  I’ve come away with a greater sense of confidence of my calls.  I have a greater sense of my goals and what I want to set out to get as referrals.  I came with an open mind and will be leaving with so much more information to utilize a greater goal setting of different habits/action plans.”
~ Lucy Louis, Care Health Services, Inc. (Redi-Nurse)

“The Boot Camp is an absolute gem of an educational experience.  The entire program, and the resources that were part of the package - the manuals and e-training course, have been invaluable, and offered so much return on our investment.  The presenters were seasoned and highly skilled, with diverse backgrounds to serve as models for our learning experience.  Thanks to the experiential exercises, videotaping and practical problem solving approaches, everything we learned really stuck.  It is hard to believe that I came to the Boot Camp as a novice and I left feeling confident in my newly acquired skills.  But what was most special to me is that I have learned about the “Sales” process - how it is different in the health care setting.  The Boot Camp people have given us an invaluable perspective on the important contribution that “sales staff” makes in conveying the message and value of what our agencies do and forging key connections with health care providers and the community.”
~ Cornelia Schimert, VNA of Hudson Valley

“I have been to dozens of sales and marketing training seminars and meetings over the last decade, and Mike Ferris’ Square One Boot Camp is by far the best home health sales and marketing training I have ever been to.  Every single session was full of valuable, practical and immediately usable information.  The conference ended Wednesday afternoon, and our marketers were using the lessons they learned on Thursday morning.  Mike demonstrated a genuine interest in and commitment to our success by sharing his time and insight, as well as giving us many great written resources.  Along the way, however, he became more than just a speaker or trainer.  I actually feel like he’s an advocate and a friend.  I would heartily recommend this training to every marketing and sales representative that is looking to get substantially better results, and to every Administrator or CEO that is wondering how they can get their sales and marketing staff to become consistently more productive.  In fact, I would recommend Mike Ferris’ Boot Camp to everyone.  Everyone except our competitors, that is.”
~ Ron Tester, President and CEO
Advanced RehabTrust Home Health

“Having no sales experience, I was very hesitant about this new phase of my job but the trainers eased my fears by doing such a great motivational boot camp.  By using the role playing technique and other skill builders it made me more confident that I could be successful in marketing.  The time sped by and I was amazed at how much we covered.  With Mike’s and Laurie’s (who made us feel like family!) warm personalities, combined with their sales skills, it was truly a worthwhile experience.  Everything was done with an ‘only the best’ attitude.  From the accommodations, food, books, handouts and preparation, it showed first class all the way.  I certainly appreciated that!  First rate!”
~ Suzette Wolber-Bonafe, Program Service Representative
Visiting Nurses of Northern New Jersey

“I was very pleased with Square One Boot Camp. I found that what I learned will help me as I move forward in my role as homecare coordinator. The two presenters were very knowledgeable, approachable, and responded quite thoroughly to each person’s individual needs and/or concerns.  The role play helped me see what I can do better when interacting with referral sources and families. The reading material provided was ample and relevant as well.”

“Mike did his best to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. He and Ted were very pleasant and engaging. Laurie also added another valuable dimension to the Boot Camp by sharing her previous experience and knowledge.”

“I would definitely recommend this boot camp to others marketing in the highly competitive Homecare and Hospice field.”
~ June Barbone, Visiting Nurses of Northern New Jersey

“I liked the lessons learned from the critiques of the role playing, and when I get back to the office I plan to meet with my superiors to execute my individual strategies.”
~ Deborah Castro, Visiting Nurses of Northern New Jersey

“I’m new to marketing, so I just loved working in groups.  It gave me a chance to find out what others do.”
~ Gina Davis, Countryside Hospice Care

“I’m a new employee in a Hospice pilot program.  I familiarized myself with Mikes work by reading the “Field Service Guide” my sales manager gave me.  I came away from Square One Boot Camp with the goal to ask for referrals in sales calls.”
~ Brenda Matthews-Hollenberg, Liberty Home Care

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Perhaps the single most important element in selling and marketing home care and hospice services is consistency. You must always be visible to get the most referrals. Nowhere is the old saying, “Out of sight is out of mind” more applicable. Once you have initiated contact and qualified a referral source for the use of home care or hospice services, keep in front of them on a consistent and continuous basis. You must be available anytime there is a need or a problem.

All materials that you distribute to the community at large must be consistent. They must have the same quality, look and feel that your other collateral materials have. It is very expensive to produce high quality marketing materials. The use of one inconsistent or poorly copied item can destroy the value of this investment.

Here are some important rules to ensure consistency:

~ Letters should always be printed on agency letterhead.
~ Use the agency’s logo in the proper colors and the USP or tagline on everything that you do.
~ Make sure every facsimile you send out has a clean, clear, and well designed cover sheet on it. Personalize the facsimile with the intended recipient’s name and a note from you.
~ Look at customizing the facsimile cover sheet with a seasonal message, an educational item, or an advertising/sales message.
~ Use your business cards for everything that you do.
~ Answer your phone with excitement and always identify yourself to the caller.

The other aspect of consistency is being in front of your accounts on a consistent and visible basis. Once again, out of sight is out of mind—so stay in sight and keep the same image and message in front of your accounts. If you are not in your top accounts at least once a week, you will lose business to competitors. If they are one of your top accounts, then they are your competition’s top targets.

Excerpted from The Field Guide to Selling Home Care Services with Legendary Results by Michael Ferris

Staff Appreciation Day

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An agency told us that their annual Staff Appreciation Day was a big success.  They rented a party (group) area at a major league baseball game and had the best attendance by staff and families ever!  They had door prizes and certificates of appreciation for staff members.  The owner made a point to thank all of the families for supporting the efforts of the home care professionals.  He told them that it is not easy being the family member of a homecare professional and that often the families do not get enough credit for their support.

Hand out framed certificates of appreciation for your awardees that they can hang in their offices or take home with them.  Take lots of photos and create a collage that is mounted on foam board and can be hung in the office.  That way each year there will be a new group of great photos that can hang in your office.  This will create a longer lasting effect and will generate better attendance at each successive year’s celebration.

Ask your Board of Directors to attend and hand out the awards; this makes it that much more valuable to the employees.  It also will allow your Board Members to get to know some of the staff and their families.

Invite your best referral sources and their families to join the celebration.  Take the time to acknowledge those who do attend.  This effort will help to build stronger relationships between agency staff and referral sources in attendance.  Those who cannot attend will be impressed by the thoughtfulness of your agency, both for inviting them and for recognizing your staff. 

In addition, make sure that you write about Staff Appreciation Day in the agency newsletter and include photos with the copy.

This is a win—win—win way to make your employees happier, your referral sources love you more and make recruiting easier.

Excerpted from 101 Home Care Promotional Strategies that Deliver Legendary Results Without Busting Your Budget! by Michael Ferris

Closing the Visit: Famous Last Words

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“Anything else?” Those are usually the last words we say at admission once the papers are done and the assessment is complete. They’re usually followed by: “The nurse will be calling to let you know when she’ll be out to see you. Let us know if you need anything in the meantime.”

Thank them for choosing you. Just once, wouldn’t it be nice if someone in healthcare thanked you for choosing them? How often have you personally been referred to a specialist or other provider and been thanked for choosing them? Never!

So here’s your chance to stand apart from the rest of the hospice (and healthcare) industry. At the end of the visit, thank the patient and family (and referral source!) for choosing your hospice. (Note: Regardless of who made the referral, in the end it’s the patient or family that selects you.)

“It’s our privilege.” After you’ve thanked them, tell them, “It will be a privilege to care for your (dad/mom/loved one).” Hospice nurses think they say it all the time, but we rarely hear it on admission. It’s not that they don’t purposely say it, it’s just that they forget.

Practice makes perfect. If you want to make sure it happens, incorporate those closing phrases in your admissions “cheat sheet” and staff performance reviews!

Excerpted from LEGENDARY RESULTS: Managing Referrals & Increasing Admissions Vol. 2: The Admissions Process by Michael Ferris and Polly Rehnwall. 

People Can Hear Your Smile

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Make sure you smile while talking on the phone. To help you maintain a smile throughout the phone call, buy a small mirror. Place this mirror near your telephone in your office. Check the mirror often to make sure you’re smiling. When you’re on the phone, you can tell whether the other person is smiling and so can the other person. That being said, if looking at yourself in the mirror makes you uncomfortable, then put something that makes you smile in front of you!

Excerpted from LEGENDARY RESULTS: Managing Referrals & Increasing Admissions Vol 1: Referral Management by Michael Ferris and Polly Rehnwall

Believe It or Not, September is Just Around the Corner!

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Goal for the Month: 

Time to plan a Holiday Helpers campaign!  Start the process by defining the services you will offer.  The promotion must include a Holiday Helpers services information sheet that lists all of the special services that can be provided during the holiday season.  These are privately paid services that can range from housecleaning, decorating, shopping, package wrapping, meal preparation, holiday card addressing, travel companionship and companionship while family is away.  Then distribute these flyers to your existing clients and patients, senior centers, referral sources and elsewhere.  Offer gift certificates to adult caregivers in a special direct mailing.

Monthly Reminders:

Register now for the NAHC Annual Meeting and make travel reservations early for the best airline ticket prices.  Consider bringing the entire sales team—there are often several sessions about sales and marketing.  During the off hours, strategy meetings can be scheduled to discuss plans for the upcoming year.  One tremendous benefit of exposing the sales team to a national meeting is that they will see that they are part of a dynamic industry filled with professionals. 

September is Cancer Awareness Month including Ovarian, Pediatric and Childhood Cancer Month.  Partner up with your local oncology specialists and the local American Cancer Society to heighten awareness of prevention and diagnosis for the general public and the elderly. 

Excerpted from 101 Home Care Promotional Strategies that Deliver Legendary Results Without Busting Your Budget! by Michael Ferris

Differentiation—How to Know Where to Draw the Line!

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Want to know why your best referral sources choose your agency?

Ask Them!  This is something that you should do often and using different methods. You should send them referral source satisfaction surveys, have the sales representative ask and senior management should call and visit.

Ask “What do we do better than any of the other agencies?” or “What are the two things you like best about our agency’s services?”

Once you know why they love you, then you can use this to develop your message. 

Do any of the following sound familiar?  Do you see some definite trends?

~ We have a multilingual staff.

~ We accept most referrals and do not “cherry pick” the easier and most profitable referrals. 

~ We process the referral quickly and easily.

~ They like the quality of care given to our patients. 

~ Our nurses are kind and caring.

~ Our staff is reliable, often going beyond their responsibilities to offer suggestions to the patient’s family or physician. 

~ Availability—24/7

~ Reliable—can count on us to do what we say we will do.

~ We are committed to providing professional, ethical, and quality service.

~ We follow-up with our clients on a regular basis to assess service effectiveness and to make revisions that reflect changing needs and wishes

Let us know what your referral sources love about your agency.

Web Marketing Secrets

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The key to successful long-term Web marketing is to start an ongoing dialogue with the prospective patients or clients.  The goal for your electronic marketing and even traditional advertising should be to build a list of people interested in home health, hospice or private duty.  Then you can keep value added information coming to them on a regular basis.

This is the best way to leverage your Web site.  Make it easy for them to sign-up by putting the sign-up box on the first page in a prominent location.  Offer some item of perceived value, such as a free report, that will entice them to sign-up.  Make sure that they opt-in to your list and then keep building!

Tip: Put an e-mail address in your advertisements to enable interested people to contact you for information or the free report.  This will result in a much higher conversion ratio than just listing your Web address.

Note: If you are part of an integrated health care system or hospital based, make sure it is easy to find your agency’s information on the Web.  Too many times I find that these home health agencies and hospices are hidden on some hard to find page on the parent company’s Web site.  Get your own domain name and set up your own pages—the results will be startling!

Dealing with Doctors

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It is important to recognize that dealing with doctors requires us to consider that doctors are different. They are typically direct and to the point, in a hurry, and interested in benefits. The first 60 seconds are important to make an impression and deliver a benefit in listening to you further. Be prepared! Anytime you schedule a meeting with a physician, have your plan for what you want to communicate and your goal for the outcome for this meeting. Also be ready for those chance meetings.

The physician is many times not the person to determine where a particular patient will be referred for home care services. In most cases, the physician is going to “bless” the choice of agency and then someone else will actually make the referrals. For hospitalized patients, the doctor writing the discharge orders will either specify your agency or just discharge to home care and allow the discharge planner or social work to choose the agency. A few pointers in dealing with doctors:

~ No small talk please
~ Do not bombard them with copies of the same orders to sign
~ Service, service service when dealing with doctors
~ Make it easy to do business your agency
~ Always thank the doctors for referrals, especially the non-admits
~ Make your thank you’s personal and special
~ Always be professional
~ Be a good listener
~ Always follow-up quickly
~ Address any problems immediately
~ Build your custom service plan and deliver on it

Excerpted from Field Guide to Selling Hospice Services with Legendary Results by Michael Ferris

Don’t Let Anything Get in the Way of Super Service!

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There are always lots of reasons “why not.” You have got to help people just get over them. Things like, “they probably won’t meet criteria” or “they might not be ready” or any other reason thrown out there that would support why we should sit on our hands. Don’t let people try to figure out why things won’t work and just move to get it done. If it doesn’t work out, and sometimes things don’t, at least we know that no one went without hospice care because we “thought” it might not work out!

Right now there is no shortage of bad news, problems, gossip, etc. to go around. You cannot allow this to get in your way of providing Legendary Service. Whatever is negative and potentially distracting, shrug it off. That’s right; dismiss the bad news or it will eventually consume and overwhelm you.

If the bad news or problems get you down, do something that picks you back up. As a referral center, admission team or sales team professional, you can’t afford to be down and negative when you’re working with your prospects and customers. Do whatever it takes, change your routine, exercise more, read motivational books, whatever it takes!

And stay away from negative people because it’s amazing how contagious negativity can be.

Excerpted from LEGENDARY RESULTS: Managing Referrals & Increasing Admissions Vol 1: Referral Management by Michael Ferris and Polly Rehnwall

Invest in Your Sales People and Program

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Investment in sales training will pay for itself many times over.  The best sales organizations in the world have regular and frequent sales training.  Those agencies that invest in sales training today will see impressive results tomorrow. 

There are many opportunities for sales training, including, but not limited to:

~ Home care- or hospice-specific sales workshops and conferences
~ Sales and motivational workshops and conferences that are not industry specific
~ State and national association meetings and conferences (a recent NAHC Annual Meeting had sales and marketing programs during every one of the educational sessions)
~ Teleconferences that are provided by home care- and hospice-related groups
~ On-site training and coaching
~ Books and books on tape or CD

Any sales training opportunities like those listed above will pay big dividends; a relatively small investment today will result in sustained long-term results.  Furthermore, the retention rate of your sales team may also increase as productivity increases and salespeople see continued results.

It is increasingly important for home care and hospice agencies to provide support for ongoing education for all of their professional staff.  Combine training for professional staff with that for your sales team when appropriate.  This support can be an important strategic advantage when recruiting and retaining existing staff.  It’s a win-win situation.

Excerpted from 101 Home Care Promotional Strategies that Deliver Legendary Results Without Busting Your Budget! by Michael Ferris

Unbeatable Combination

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The most successful home health and hospice sales professionals are those that are the combination of:

* Passion
* People skills
* Knowledge
* Service

The only one that you can truly train is product knowledge!  People either have a passion for home health or hospice or they don’t.  They are good with and enjoy people, or not.  They either get service, or they don’t.  Nordstrom’s (famous for customer service) hires people that were raised to say please and thank you.  Then they train their sales people everything possible to know about the product they will be selling.  The same formula works in home health and hospice.

Hire the right people and then train them to be the most professional home health and hospice sales people.  Sales training is a lifelong learning process; the best sales people in all industries seek to improve themselves every day—no matter how many sales awards they have won! 

Set Goals and Seek Training

Anyone can set a goal, but training is what makes them possible to achieve.  Learning the skills necessary to execute on your plan makes the difference.  You can become great at anything, but not without practice.  The key then to greatness is practice.

If you think about it, most people never practice.  They don’t train and don’t seek coaching.  If you invest 30 minutes a day in something, you can become good at it, no matter who you are.  If you spend more time than that and really focus your efforts, you can become truly great.  Tiger Woods hits thousands of practice shots every week.  Piano virtuosos practice for hours every day of the year.  How serious are you and your sales team?

Simione Consultants’ fall Square One and AdmitRight Boot Camp sales training dates just announced!  Click here for more information and to register!

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